Sunday, September 15, 2013

Memory Driven

What do you like to do when it rains?  In the summertime, when I have no place to go, I like to walk in the rain. While it is raining, I have been known to read a good book.  But my favorite thing to do when it rains is take a nap.
I think this dates back to my childhood time when I would read "The Wind In The Willows" and "The Little House" series.  I loved the feeling I would get as the family would settle down and sleep safe and sound while the weather raged outside.  I also loved, and still love, the bible verse about being safe under the Master's wings.   Even now, I will snuggle down deep under the cover, pray the Master's care, and fall asleep listening to the rain on the roof.  I even have a tin roof on the bath, opening off the bedroom, just so I can listen to the sound of falling raindrop's.
This picture below shows my heart for my Savior, family and home.  
When the world around us causes alarm, the only real peace is with Jesus Christ. Memory Driven

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