Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thrifty Fall

Today I was thinking about how I decorated for Fall last year.   I managed to turn my kitchen/dining and den into a Fall wonderland. (this according to those who visited)  I can never do enough decorating to satisfy me. When the month of November rolls around, I have to put away almost as many Fall decorations as I take out for Christmas.  I have a heart for decorating but because of my health each year it is getting harder. I have a husband to helps me or I could not physically do it.
I wonder, can I come up with something new this year?  "Hey, Honey! I got an idea! Can you...?"

Here are some photo's of Fall 2012
Here is a floral arrangement I made.
Did you notice I like old doors and columns? Can't help it! I do!

A wreath made by me and hung on the door between the den and the living room.
  I hang and sit flowers everywhere!

I do most of my shopping at thrift stores.  Here are my pheasants that I found a couple of years ago for , I think, $5.00.  The table runner I have had for years.  The flower arrangement I made with salvaged flowers.  It is in a thrift store vase. $2.50!

The candle holder is a thrift store find. $3.00  It is quite large and looks like pewter. 

Rocking Chair and bookcase  belonged to my husbands grandmother.  I love them!
The curtains cost me $6.00 for all 3 windows.  I made them with a thrift store find!
 I should have straightened my cookbooks before I took the picture.  hehe

Thanks for dropping by!   See you soon! 

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