Thursday, September 19, 2013

Woodland Violets

We all have some good memories stored away.  We bring them out once in awhile. Our mind brings fresh air as we comb though the cobwebs, sitting these memories free, if only for a few minutes, before they are stored away again.
I was thinking of a childhood memory when I made this set for a Polyvore contest.   I am a country girl from the foothills of Virginia.   In the country, when land is cleared and then not used, small saplings will spring up and form a thicket.  There was one such thicket beside our house. It was filled with locust trees, blooming with great white flowers.
But that is not for this post.
Deep in the thicket (deep to a child) there was a small clearing where an old apple tree stood.  In the spring it would also be filled with beautiful white fragrant blooms.
Under that apple tree there was a carpet of blooming wild violets.  To a child this was heaven.  To this day I cannot forget that wonderful sight.
Now some 50 years later I consider myself lucky to have a patch of wild violets under an old shrub in the side yard.  I love it when they bloom. My husband likes his lawn mower and every year I have to plead with him to not mow them down until they bloom and I can grab hold of my memory once again. I am funny that way.  I love wild flowers all around me.  They are flashbacks to my childhood. I know most of you will not agree with me, preferring nice lawns, and that is OK.  Just stand aside and allow me my wild violets! Woodland Violets

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